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This year it's Iowa's winner: 16 feet tall!

Moville Record of Moville, Iowa

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We've raised tall corn before, but this year's was the winner.

Gary "Bakes" Baker, who runs Bake's Barber Shop in Moville, won the 2010 Barbershop Tall Corn Contest. His winning stalk was 16 feet tall.

The contest was a two-part event. First, barbers were encouraged to hold a hometown contest, asking their customers to guess the eventual height of their gigantic corn. The winner got a free haircut and a one-year subscription to the magazine Our Iowa.

Then, the overall winner of the tall corn contest received a five-year subscription to Our Iowa, plus dinner for four at a restaurant in his or her town.

In his local contest, Gary had 30-40 guesses. The best guess was given by customer Paul Niles.

Gary is 75 years old, has been married for 48 years, and has worked as a barber for 50 years. He has 5 kids, 7 gradkids, and 7 great-grandkids.

Gary now works part-time. In his spare time, he builds, rides, and sells three-wheeled motorcycles-despite two knee replacements.

He has been known as "Bakes" since high school, because there were five Garys in his class.

Gary played Santa Claus for 43 years in 11 towns, driving from house to house during the holidays.

He drove a truck decorated with over

Christmas lights and delivered gifts to the needy. He has also written a book about his adventures.

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Original Publication Date: November 25, 2010

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