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Local mother and son disappear, authorities still have no leads

Beverly G. Giannonatti (age 79 of Deer Lodge) and her son Gregory W. Giannonatti (age 57 of Deer Lodge) have been reported missing. It appears the two vanished five to six days ago and investigation of their residences have revealed neither intended to be gone for an extended period of time.

The incident has baffled authorities and they are seeking any information or leads about the two.

"In my 29 years (in law enforcement) I have never seen anything as bizarre as this," said Powell County Sheriff Scott Howard.

According to the Sheriff, friends of Beverly Giannonatti reported her missing on Nov. 1. He said they told authorities that she had not been seen doing the normal things she would do and Deer Lodge Police proceeded to her residence at 710 Oregon to perform a welfare check. Friends of the woman went along with officers.

"They could hear the dogs barking inside," said Howard.

The Sheriff said that when authorities entered the house they found that the dogs had been left in the residence for about three to four days, based upon the natural functions of the dogs. He also noted that the dogs had been separated as though Beverly Giannonatti had made a controlled leave.

But leaving the dogs without care is something Howard said Giannonatti would not normally do.

"Very uncommon for Beverly to do that. Her dogs were very important to her," he said.

Although it appeared Giannonatti had been sorting through stuff at the residence, there were no signs that items had been rummaged through or that there were any signs of struggle. Assets belonging to her were also left at the residence, some in plain sight. While an empty purse was at the residence, it appeared Giannonatti had moved the items from that bag into another purse. Both it and her new cell phone were not at the residence.

However, what did remain at the residence were all of Giannonatti's vehicles. Howard said that the woman was very particular about driving herself and it would be very uncommon for her to have left her residence in someone else's vehicle.

"How she left there, I have no idea," said Howard, "she would not get in a vehicle with somebody and go somewhere."

In looking for the woman, authorities then went to her son's house at 1203 Washington, less than a half mile away. There, they found a very similar situation as they had found at his mother's house. Gregory's dog was inside and snowed evidence he had been in for a few days. The house was secured and it appeared as though the man planned to leave for a short time, returning soon.

"One of the things that's peculiar at his house is that there's a slow cooker with a roast in it," said the Sheriff noting the roast had completely cooked down.

One vehicle belonging to Gregory Giannonatti was missing — his 1995 white Toyota Camry.

Howard said that Giannonatti's former husband had passed away about a month and a half ago and had left to her a house at 86 Larkspur Road near Beck Hill. She had been having it remodeled and was living in town during the process with the intent of moving back into the house once the work was complete.

Officers went to the residence where they located the white Toyota belonging to Gregory Giannonatti. Howard said it did not appear that the vehicle had stopped there in a rush, nor did it appear there had been a passenger in the vehicle recently.

Unable to gain access inside the residence, given the situation and circumstances, the Sheriff called a locksmith and after unsuccessful attempts at picking the lock, made forced entry into the house.

Inside, they found no evidence of either Beverly or Gregory Giannonatti. There was no sign of struggle found either.

Howard said that both individuals lived very private lives.

In another odd twist to the situation, Sheriff Howard said that late in the evening on Nov. 1 a burglary was reported at the home of Gregory Giannonatti, where the police had been earlier that day. When authorities arrived they discovered the flat screen TV in the yard, clothing in bags and a cell phone that had been at the residence earlier was now gone.

The Sheriff also noted two weapons may also have been taken from the residence.

Contacting the phone companies that the two had cell phones through, the Sheriff said the last activity from Beverly Giannonatti's phone was on Oct. 31 at 11:32 p.m. The last activity from Gregory Giannonatti's phone was on Nov. 1 at 10:39 P.m Since then, the phone companies have reported that both phones have been powered off or the batteries in them have died.

The Sheriff said authorities have no leads yet on what kind of crime may have been committed, whether there are additional parties involved, what motivation there could have been or where either of the individuals are. He urged anyone with any information to contact the Sheriff's Office at (406) 846-2711 or the Deer Lodge Police at (406) 846-9585.

Howard also noted that a Facebook page has been created to dispel any incorrect information about the situation and to solicit tips and leads as to the whereabouts of the two.

Beverly Giannonatti is a Caucasian woman with dark hair and hazel eyes, five feet, four inches tall and weighs about 105 pounds. Gregory Giannonatti is a Caucasian man with hazel eyes and gray hair, five feet, 11 inches tall and weighs about 230 pounds. Both have been entered in the National Missing Persons Database.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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