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Those are all names with which most Americans have become familiar. With the build up to the presidential election in 2016 and the major party nominations prior to that, the barrage of political campaigning is well underway.

There have already been three Republican debates and in a little over a week there will be the second Democratic debate. News outlets are filled with the every word, action and view voiced by the candidates. Political experts and amateurs are busy analyzing each candidate with particular focus on the front runners in both major parties.

But what does it all mean to the residents of Deer Lodge and Powell County?

Without a doubt, the next president of our country will have macro effects on this nation. Policies and programs on the national level will change, be adjusted or even be revoked. New staff will be appointed and the direction and perception of America's future will shift slightly.

But as far as the micro effects, the effects on small rural communities and counties like our own, those are harder to perceive.

Like it or not, we rely very heavily on the federal government. Whether it be Secure Rural Schools money, Payment in Lieu of Taxes money, the operation of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, money towards land and water conservation projects, federal funding to our state road department or even Social Security which many of our elderly and disabled resident rely upon, we are intimately tied to the federal government and to what happens in Washington D.C.

In voting for local candidates to govern our city, our county or our legislative districts, we have much more of an idea of what we're going to get from each of them. That's because they live in our communities, we know them and they at least have an idea of the issues and concerns in this area.

Even on a state level, we have a better grasp on the candidates for which we vote. There are many rural counties and smaller cities which state candidates know they have to cater to and visit on the campaign trail. If we want to, we can ask them questions and learn a little bit on how our communities will be affected if they are elected.

But as far as the candidates for the seat of President of the United States, Powell County and Deer Lodge are far from their focus or attention.

Instead, as the political field narrows, it will be very important to keep an eye on the different views the candidates voice on programs which support Powell County and its residents. Regardless if you're a Democrat or Republican, and even though it may take some time for the effects to trickle down to this area, one of the candidates will have an effect on the way you live.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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