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Up, Up and Away

I'm celebrating market gains this morning. October closed out almost 1400 points above where it closed in September.

Now, we just need two more months like that to finish out the year with a reason to celebrate.

The board of directors will be meeting with members of our investment firm, McQueen Financial Investors, on Friday morning. It's just a general meeting to discuss strategy. The board routinely meets with them about every other year. Another good report Earlier this year, the Pleasants County Public Library received a Heart of Pleasants grant from the foundation. I think everyone on the board agrees that our library is a very important part of our community. This year they wanted money to purchase audio books and we provided that money.

One of the requirements of receiving a grant from the foundation is that the organization must give us a full report on how the money was spent. Our librarian, Mary Hooper, recently delivered that report to my office.

It contains a list of the audio books purchased, receipts for their purchase, a couple of photographs of the collection, and notification that each of these audio books has a sticker that reads, "This title was provided by the Pleasants Community Foundation." I'm pretty impressed with their purchase and intrigued by some of the titles not familiar to me.

I thought about those books over the weekend because I'm finishing up a five-book series on my e-reader. I like my e-reader but I also like having a physical book so I consider myself "ambibookstrous." The series I'm reading is not particularly good (I delete each book after I read it), but each book has ended with that all-important hook that makes reading the next one a necessity.

As I read them I noticed several times that I was suffering from a little eye strain. Now I'm well aware that I can enlarge the print on my e-reader but that would involve admitting that I'm getting old so I haven't done it yet. Each time I'd feel eye strain; I'd stop and do something else for a while. Of course, most of the time that something else involved a nap.

I wondered what would happen if the day ever came that my eyesight got so bad I could no longer read books. Well, now I have the answer to that dilemma — the Pleasants County Public Library. In addition to their growing collection of audio books, they also carry large print books.

And I also know — although I haven't tried it yet — that you can borrow books on an e-reader, which you can enlarge, or not, depending upon whether or not you're willing to admit you're getting old.

Send us a check

If you would like to contribute to the library in order to help old folks like me with their vision problems, or to any of the funds administered by our Foundation, please send your donation to Pleasants Community Foundation, 309 Second Street, St. Marys, West Virginia 26170. Be sure to note on the memo portion of your check which fund it is for.

If you want to discuss any of our funds or start one yourself, stop in and the office, give me a call at 304.684.3082 or email me at

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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