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I don't think we could have asked for a better day for our Apple Country was the quintessential confluence of sunshine, temperature, and wind working its magic to lure people to Brookfield for this event. All day long I watched a steady stream of folks strolling along one side of the common, examining the offerings of the crafters, and down the other side, stopping here and there to get a closer look at something that piqued their interest.

In the center of the Common, on the tables shaded by a tent, the Rapple prizes and Country Store prizes that would be raffled off during the day, were displayed. The main Rapple prize is the annual quilt that has been put together by members of the community each year. This year's quilt was a colorful, striking design, that was a fitting tribute to the late Jill Bertrand, who, over the years, had been a staunch supporter of the quilt process.

Further towards the path that traverses the common, was the perennial bake table, which offered more that just baked goods: hot applesauce served with whipped cream, warm apple crisp served the same way, candied apples, and quite early in the morning, breakfast sandwiches of egg and cheese, or egg, sausage and cheese, with hot coffee and munchkins.

On the Mall, Socks for Siberia presented the children's games, highlighted by a bounce house, and other games. This gives the kids something to do while Mom and Dad did a little shopping.

Over the past six years, we have been experimenting with different approaches to providing lunch for our visitors. This year, we tried food trucks. This try out was the only weak point of the overall project. By next year we expect to have a significant improvement on tap.

I would like to thank all the folk who have contributed their time and efforts to make this event come together: the guys who get the chairs and tables set up on the common, the folks who step in and set up tents, the volunteers from Tantasqua who stepped in as gofers and as helpers at children's games, or at the raffle tables, the folks who service the bake table, (they must have been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger), and all the other people who work behind the scenes preparing food, and whatever else I've forgotten. Thank you all!

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Original Publication Date: November 1, 2015

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