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The Divine Mandate Matthew 9:9

The Southerner of Welcome, North Carolina

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More and more we are hearing and learning a term called an executive order. An executive order is a regulation issued by the President. For example: executive order 13524, issued March 27, 2013 grants the international criminal police organization (Interpol) rights on American soil that places them beyond the reach of our own law enforcement agencies. This includes the FBI. This is a major step to one world martial law. This law gives the Interpol the right to fire on American citizens without a warning shot if they are suspected of being a terrorist. (Not by our definition of a Dr. Glenn Sanford terrorist). Enough for that to say the least an Pulpit Supply executive order has great power. I want to Ministry speak to you on the subject: A divine mandate.

In our text a divine mandate is given. Jesus is simply walking along the way, He stops in front of a man by the name of Matthew, a tax collector by trade. At this point He gives Matthew a divine mandate. He says, follow me. The Bible says Matthew arose and followed Him. Note with me:

I. Just as in the case of Matthew, you have a commission to follow Jesus: all through the Bible men and women are invited to follow Him. That call did not end when Jesus ascended back to heaven. I remember when He called me. Several things about that call

1. He did not tell me where we were going. He did not tell me I would go to Bible college. He did not tell me I would Pastor a little mountain church and a 60-year-old bootlegger would get saved. He did not tell me that one day I would have 992 on a Sunday morning, He did not tell me I would start two new churches. He did not tell me I would build five church buildings. He did not tell me I would come to Lexington and enjoy over 20 years of a successful ministry. He did not tell I would come thru Archdale. He just said, follow me. To all of you He is saying follow me. It is a divine mandate.

II. I think of the companionship of following Jesus: first and foremost is His companionship. A friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I think of Matthew and his list of friends. I doubt if he received many Christmas cards, only his mother attended his birthday party, he sat alone at the football game, his recreation was playing solitaire. He was a tax collector. And a crooked one at that. I suppose he sat and watched others go by with their friends. And he longed to have friends like they did. One day a man stopped by and said, I want to be your friend. From then on Matthew could sing. I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses and the voice I hear, falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses, and He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own, and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.

III. Then there is the change to following Jesus: Matthew became a new creature. He was not the man he used to be. That's Bible. If a person says they are going to follow Jesus and there is no change he did not mean what he said. I never met a man who go saved that did not change. He may not be perfect, but he changed. In this day of modern Christianity the preachers do not call for change. The Bible does. I think of another tax collector in the Bible who got saved. Zacchaeus said, half of all I own I will give to the poor, and if I have stolen from any man I will repay him four times. Jesus said, today salvation has come to thy house. Sanford paraphrase, old boy you really got it. It will be a continual change also.

IV. There will be a cost to following Jesus: I heard Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. tell the story. In a certain city in the south years ago a very sinful couple had a little girl. They did not want her to be raised knowing about Jesus. They kept her away from any influence that would point her that way. One day they sent her on an errand, as she walked down the street she passed a Rescue Mission, she heard singing like she had never heard before. She went in, sat down and heard about Jesus for the first time. She got saved. She ran home to tell her parents. Her daddy in a drunken stooper beat her. She lay ill for several days, pneumonia set in, the doctor was called. I can do nothing to save her. As she lay in her bed she asked her mother if she still had the little dress she was beaten in, she did. Mother bring me that dress and some scissors. Why? I want to cut out a piece and take it to Jesus to show Him how much I love Him. And she did. You and I may never be called to sacrifice so much, but there is a cost. How much are you willing to pay? Dr. Glenn Sanford

Pulpit Supply Preacher

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Original Publication Date: October 1, 2015

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