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October is in the rear view mirror with the arrival of November and the swift falling of the leaves. We now turn our attention to hearth and home preparation for the, weather and temperatures that we know are just around the corner.

Congratulations to our friend, Shannon Markle, Administrator of the Central Regional Jail, on the occasion of his retirement last Friday. A great crowd of friends, coworkers, MAPS officials and community leaders turned out Wednesdays night to thank him for his service to RJA and the State. Best wishes to Shannon, his wife Jennifer and Riley as he begins another chapter of service to family and community Truly a fine public servant.

On the Federal level, I'm not optimistic that Congress will be able to put partisan differences aside going into 2016 or the foreseeable future. Among the many needs of the American people, the necessity for additional funding for roads and transportation is among the greatest and most important. Not only would a comprehensive transportation bill bring jobs, but it would stimulate the economic outlook of every region of our nation, including West Virginia and help replace aging roads, bridges, waterlines, wastewater lines and storm water drains. These may not be glamourous or flashy projects, but they are necessities that will benefit us all. It also will help keep us from the expense of vehicle damage.

Right now, our State is undergoing a major shift in the economy, with job opportunities moving away from southwestern West Virginia to other regions that are experiencing growth. All the severance tax receipts and future estimates are down and trending in that direction significantly — at least until the current surplus supplies of natural gas begins to decrease, prices increase and more active drilling and production resumes.

In the meantime, our State must not neglect transportation needs — specifically road maintenance, paving, pothole repairs and ditching-lest we fall further behind. If that happens, we will lose opportunities to attract business investments, new residents and a reversal of the population loss trend. This is haunting us in terms of school population, available workforce and overall population.

As it stands todays West Virginia will likely lose another congressional seat after the 2020 Census, taking us down to two members in the House of Representatives. This translates into less clout in Congress for West Virginia. Notwithstanding what happens in DC, our State needs to focus on issues that are truly bipartisan, productive, and in the best interest of our citizens. Partisan arguments that are orchestrated predominately by out-of-state political operatives need to be shelved in lieu of what our citizens truly want and need.

Finally, if you've been watching even a few minutes of local television in recent weeks, you've noticed there is a Kentucky election for Governor and other constitutional officers in their off-year general election. If the ads now running are an accurate barometer of the national trend, 2016 will be yet another ugly, negative campaign season, completely devoid of facts and issues; dominated by sound bites, photo shopped pictures, billionaire corporate donors and third party operatives that could not be more out of touch with West Virginia working families. Sad, indeed for our country, our citizens and most of all, our children that will come to believe this is the path they should take in order to become our future leaders. We cannot and must not let that behavior be our legacy to future generations.

When enough citizens say they've had enough of this type of attacks, half-truths and insincere campaign tactics and demand their representatives' work toward the common good instead of personal gain, we can truly turn the corner in our nation and become responsive to the true needs our the American people. Let's start here in West Virginia.

In the interim, send your inquiries to my home office at: 151 Park Street, Oassaway, WV 26624; call 364-8411; or fax 364-8711. If you have an interest in any particular bill or issue, please let me know. For those with Internet access, my legislative e-mail address is:

You may also obtain, additional legislative information, including the copies of bills, conference reports, daily summaries, interim highlights, and leave me a message on the Legislature's web site at When leaving a message, please remember to include" your phone number with your inquiry and any details you can provide. Additional information, including agency links and the state government phone directory, may be found at Also, you may follow me on Facebook at "Brent Boggs", Twitter at "@DelBrentBoggs", as well as the WV Legislature's Facebook page at "West Virginia Legislature'' or on Twitter at

In this month that we pay special recognition to our Veterans and in giving thanks in all things, remember our troops — at home and abroad — and keep them and their families in your Thanksgiving thoughts' and prayers. Until next week, take care.'

Burnsville Library starts new reading program

The Burnsville Public Library is pleased to announce our new Reading with Miss D program starts on Saturday, November 6lh at 12 noon. This program is open to children from ages 6 to 12. The participants will hear a story, do a craft, and have a snack.

The library will also provide a list of suggested books that the participants could chose to read in addition to the read aloud story. This list could include additional books on that topic, non-fiction books about the topic, or other stories from the author.

It is our goal to help our participants to achieve a life-long love of reading. With this program we are taking a big step toward that goal. We would like to encourage all children in the area to stop in and see why we say Each Visit Sparks an Adventure!

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Original Publication Date: November 3, 2015

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