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Personnel changes are accepted by school board

The Times-Argus of Central City, Kentucky

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Powderly--The Muhlenberg County Board of Education accepted the following personnel changes at their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 8.

Certified personnel

employment--Brandon Standlford, Sean Watts, Shad Chappell, Emily Gardner, Stephanie

Lancaster, Joel Watson, Autumn Wilkins, Elin Smith, Suzanne Sparks, Jennette Mathis, Beth Cook, Kimberly Williams, Karen Brashear, Jonathan Steele, Allison Ramsey, Ashley Wells Thompson and Brad Rogles.

Certified personnel extra service—Crystal Hancock, softball coach, both middle schools.

Resignation of certified personnel—Jennette Mathis, guidance counselor, MCHS.

Reassignment of certified personnel—Jan Yonts, from school to work counselor to guidance counselor at MCHS; Barbara Nantz, from full-time teacher to half-time at MCHS; Brian Lile, from teacher to assistant principal at South Middle; Jennette Mathis, from district-wide special education teacher to Central City Elementary School.

Classified personnel

employment—Angela Perry, instructional assistant, rescind pink slip at South Elementary; Emily Segers, instructional assistant, rescind pink slip at Greenville Elementary;

Debra Gorham, instructional assistant, district-wide; Jackie Logsdon,

cook/baker, Central City Elementary School;

Anthony Harper, substitute custodian, district-wide; Wende Vincent, program assistant, Bremen

Elementary School; Ondria Revlett, substitute bus driver, transportation department; Terri Durham, instructional monitor,

MCHS; Keisha Sigers, instructional monitor,

Bremen Elementary School; Danielle Weatherford, program assistant, rescind pink slip at Greenville Elementary School; Joseph Smith, Instructional assistant, South Elementary School; Becky Jarvis, lunchroom monitor. South Elementary School; Sandra Bowers, lunchroom monitor, MCHS; Brett Hawkins, instructional assistant, Bremen Elementary School;

Also, Karen Klrkpatrick, occupational therapy assistant, district-wide; Amanda Jones, bus driver; Deanna O'Brien, itinerant bus driver; Kelly Evitts, itinerant bus driver; Jamie Hall, bus driver; Brian Anderson, bus driver; Juanlta Coe, itinerant bus monitor; Carol Dunn, itinerant bus monitor; David Gott, trip bus driver/east campus; Stacy Gregory, itinerant bus monitor; Cindy Miller, head start bus driver; Lori Piper, head start bus driver; Debbie Rolley, itinerant bus monitor; Vanessa Rose, itinerant bus driver; Christy

Shepherd, itinerant bus monitor; Vanessa Nizzo, bus driver; Ellen Sisco, Instructional monitor, MCHS; Adam Vincent, program assistant, Longest

Elementary School; Tiffany Doss, substitute bus driver; Joyce Harris, substitute cook/baker, district-wide; Lisa Greenwood, lunchroom monitor, Greenville

Elementary School; and Lisa Fairchild, substitute monitor, district-wide.

Resignation of classified personnel--Edee McAbee, certified occupational therapist, district-wide; Tina Sapp, substitute

cook/baker, district-wide; Margie Ginsburg,

cook/baker, South Middle School; Kim Locke, lunchroom monitor, Longest Elementary School; Crystal Dukes, lunchroom monitor, Greenville Elementary

School; and Jenny Prather, instructional monitor,



Reassignment of classified personnel—Brad Grundy, from lunch monitor at MCHS to custodian at Central City Elementary School; Randall Taylor, from custodian to head custodian at MCHS East Campus; Helen Vaught Jeffers, from pre-school instructional assistant at Longest Elementary School to South Elementary School; Vicki Antle, from pre-school instructional assistant at South Elementary School to Longest Elementary School; Alexa Dunn, from instructional monitor at Bremen Elementary School to Greenville Elementary

School; and Brad Todd, instructional monitor, from 6.5 hours, 187 days to four hours, 177 days per his request.

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Original Publication Date: August 18, 2010

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