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What is the Contribution of DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. to the Overall Economy of the Area?

DeWitt Era-Enterprise of DeWitt, Arkansas

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In this report, IMPLAN software and data were used to study and estimate the economic impact of DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. on Arkansas County. The term economic impact refers to any number of processes that trace how changes in spending resulting from an economic event, such as business closures and new industrial or infrastructural developments move through an economy. An impact study measures the cumulative effects of that spending on a defined geographic region, as small as a ZIP area, or as large as an entire country.

Hospitals may use impact analysis to demonstrate their role, importance and contribution to the local economy, and the potential effects of expansion or relocation of the hospital.

DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. makes a significant contribution to the local economy by purchasing goods and services from local businesses and by providing jobs and income to local residents who in turn send part of their income at these local-businesses. This section of the report estimates the direct and secondary contribution of DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. to the local economy. We measure the economic contribution of the hospital in terms of employment and income.

DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc. hires a significant number of employees and generates: 113 jobs created directly by the hospital 36 secondary jobs created in other businesses 149 total job impact generated by DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home Inc.

It provides $6,438,610 in direct labor income/wages And it provides a total labor income impact of $8,020,680 to the local economy $6,438,610 earned by 113 employees generated an additional 36 jobs for the local community created from employees' spending and adds $1,582,070 in secondary labor income to the owners and employees of the benefiting businesses in the community. In 2011, DeWitt Hospital 8c Nursing Home Inc. had a total revenue impact of $18,237,468, a job impact of 149 and a total income impact of $8,020,680.

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Original Publication Date: January 30, 2014

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