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On our motorcycle trip last year, we arrived in Taos, New

Mexico on Monday, September 14, 2015. We had spent a pleasant afternoon riding from Eagle Nest, New Mexico where we had a delightful lunch and I fell in love with Chile cheeseburgers — green chilies, that is. It gives the food a nice taste with gentle warmth in the back of your throat. Yum.

Taos, New Mexico changed since the last time we visited. We have traveled through Taos on numerous occasions over the years, only stopping for gasoline for the motorcycles. Traffic was hectic then and it is still very congested in the downtown area near the Taos Plaza, the center of historic Taos.

Taos became the center of the art community by accident. That is, according to Wikipedia, American artists Bert Greer Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein were on their way to Mexico in 1893 when their wagon broke a wheel near Taos. It took three days to fix the wheel, but once in Taos they sold their wagon and horse to rent a studio and stayed, starting the Taos Society of Artists. Thus was the beginning of the Taos Art Community and today Taos is known for its artist colony.

We stayed at the El Pueblo Lodge for five days and quaint motel was about four blocks from the historic plaza. Even though the motel was just off the busy Highway 64, it was quiet and somewhat secluded. Early Monday evening after we rested for a couple of hours, we walked across the busy street to a little bar and grill for dinner. It was called The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House and it had an eclectic menu. We sat together with our friends and ordered burgers: "Beef gently raised on Kansas farms and humanely slaughtered". I'm not sure of the actual term, but since we were all from Kansas and Nebraska, we had a good laugh. I later discovered that the Burger Stand got its start in an Irish pub kitchen in

Lawrence, KS; a second stand opened in Topeka near Washburn University and the third — well, we found it in Taos! The food was excellent and there was a lot of it!

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of our motel rooms and enjoying the gorgeous weather. We had covered some beautiful country in the last two days. More about Taos later! Until next time, take care and God bless you and your family. Vicky

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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