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Kasson business to donate profits to Women's Shelter

Dodge County Independent of Kasson, Minnesota

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Over the past 32 years the owners of Kasson Dollar and Video have supported a variety of causes and their last weeks in business are no exception.

Ed and Tina Butler will be donating 100 percent of the profits of the store to the Women's Shelter, Inc. in Rochester, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 12, 13 and 14.

One hundred percent of the profits from sales of dollar store items and video sales and video rentals will go to the shelter.

Butler said that they decided to do something to benefit the community "rather than just close out and lower prices."

The Women's Shelter was chosen, he said, because over the past 30 plus years probably 80 percent of the store's employees were women. Often the store provided their first job and many of them now have kids of their own, he said.

During the three days, he said, many of the "alumni" workers will return to help promote the cause.

In addition to giving their profits to the shelter, shoppers will be able to help in another way.

The Butlers will identify some of the merchandise in the store that could be used by the shelter, he said. Customers will be able to purchase the items and then donate them to the shelter. That will benefit the shelter in two ways, he said, because both the item itself and the profits will be donated.

Butler said they expect to be able to raise several thousand dollars for the shelter over the course of the three days.

In addition to the store in Kasson, Butler said, they have always provided rental videos to groceries and other stores in the smaller towns in southeastern Minnesota. That part of their business will continue even after the store itself closes.

The women's shelter was begun in the late 1970s to provide abused women a safe and secure place to live and help to learn how to live independently. Since then it has expanded to provide more space for women and children.

It has added children's advocacy, an international shelter specific to battered immigrant women and their children, transitional housing and a multi-lingual staff.

It has satellite offices in Kasson, Preston, Wabasha and the Olmsted County Courthouse.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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