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Police on lookout for woman who posed as an employee to gain access to retirement community

West Seattle Herald of Seattle, Washington

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Police are searching for an unknown woman following two bizarre incidents at The Kenney retirement community at 7125 Fauntleroy Way S.W The incidents have left police scratching their heads since it appears that someone broke in, posed as an employee but ultimately did not steal or disturb anything.

At about 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 2 an elderly resident of The Kenney was in her apartment watching television when her door slowly began to open. A black woman wearing bright colored pants, a flower patterned shirt and glasses with a thick Jamaican accent popped her head in and identified herself as a staff member of The Kenney. She began asking the resident if she would like to go downstairs and work on a puzzle. The resident said "no" and then asked the woman to leave. The resident later noted to investigators that she had not seen an employee's badge on this woman's shirt.

At about the same time the next night, Oct. 3, one floor up, an elderly man returned to his apartment to find a black female with matching description rifling through a jewelry box. When the man confronted the woman she quickly moved past him and left without saying a word.

Another female resident of the retirement community reported that her mirror and knitting bag had gone missing around the same time as these incidents but there was no evidence to suggest a suspect or possible connection.

"It is extremely odd for sure, and I don't mind saying that. Especially since it appears nothing was stolen," explained SPD Det. Patrick Michaud. According to Michaud no other residents have yet reported having something stolen and the inventory of medicine and pills at The Kenney appears not have been tampered with. Michaud did pose the possibility that the woman's efforts may have been foiled in both cases and that that is the reason nothing was stolen.

Access to The Kenney and its apartments requires keys and key cards. There was no forced entry in either case, leaving investigators to wonder how this woman got copies.

In the police report concerning these incidents it is noted that while both witnesses described a woman with similar features and clothes they also provided different age ranges. In the first incident the woman was described as being in her 50's and in the second incident the woman was described as being in her 20's. Because of this wide range the report presents the possibility of two women working this scheme together.

But regardless of whether it was one woman or two the question still remains "what was the goal of this scheme?"

Police are hoping to find this woman and speak with her. In the police report The Kenney stated that they planned to email their residents to remind them to lock their doors at night or when they leave and to call 911 if they encounter any strange persons on the property. It was unclear if any surveillance footage was available for the dates of these incidents.

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Original Publication Date: November 6, 2015

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