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Council to Choose Task Force Member for Public Safety Coalition

Copper Basin News of Kearny, Arizona

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This Wednesday, November 4, a special meeting of the Town Council will be held to, among other things, choose a person to join me on the Task Force set up by the towns of Kearny, Hayden, Winkelman, and Mammoth to work on a proposal for a common police force. As I said last week, the initial proposal is that there would be a governing board of the new police force composed from people of all four towns and accountable to all four Town Councils. There would be one police chief, three sergeants to serve Kearny, Hayden/Winkelman, and Mammoth, and a number of officers, jointly trained, who would have the towns as their "home bases." The task force will have the assistance of the League of Cities and Towns, the Central Arizona Governments, financial consultant Pat Walker, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The first meeting of the group is on Tuesday, November 10, at 9 a.m. in Mammoth.

On a totally different note, I apologize that the town has been unable to remove the garbage on Jamestown Road which has been there for two weeks now. The amount of trash collected during Journey for a Clean Kearny simply overwhelmed our containers. Then a series of events, beginning with the flooding of the Town Hall, a "burp" in the water system, and scheduled vacations of some of our employees, has kept the Town from cleaning it all up in a prompt manner.

I did take lemons and make lemonade, however, when several people from other towns came here to attend various meetings. I took them to look at our garbage and brag about how all our volunteers had managed to collect so much in a very short time. One person said, "I don't normally say this about garbage, but it's a beautiful sight." I might have felt better about the comment if I hadn't been busy shooing away youngsters from their scavenging. I do thank you for your patience.

The Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce went all out with the Great Punkin and Trunk or Treat on Hallowe'en.

From what I hear (and from my own experience passing out candy that night) there were some pretty tried youngsters, and fewer trick or treaters actually went from house to house.

This Saturday, November 7, is the second car show in Kearny since Rip and Katie Vache became proprietors of the NAPA store. The first one was simply incredible, and I hold high hopes for this one as well. They have a fine store, and it is evident that they are deeply into car culture. The people they bring to town are fine folk, and we are glad to have them experience a little Copper Basin hospitality.

By the way, the third Farmer's Market and Swap Meet will be held Saturday, November 14. It is growing every month, and the cooler weather should make for pleasant viewing and shopping. Contact Angela Hillan-Ramirez at the Chamber of Commerce if you would like to be involved.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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