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Council considers purchase of property

Clinch Valley Times of St. Paul, Virginia

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Prior to the regular monthly council meeting, a public hearing was held to consider a resolution authorizing Mayor Kyle 'Fletcher to make a formal offer to purchase property adjacent to the Willis Building. Kimberly

Christian of the development group Creative Boutique Hotels said the property would serve as additional outdoor space.

The developer would be looking at restoring the oldest building on the property to enhance the project. During the regular meeting, the Council voted unanimously to pass this Resolution.

The Town Council voted to approve a new Sewage Dumping Plan presented by Public Works Director Earl Carter. This plan would require an application to dump sewage into the new wastewater plant. Each load would be sampled and tested prior to approval.

Earl Carter reported that the new screens seem to be improving at filtering the sand and grit from the raw water. There was ongoing discussion about either building a settling basin or new water intake to help with the sand issue.

New directional lighting was approved for the swimming pool building. The town has asked ODP to install directional lighting for the parking lot closest to the pool building. Council further approved lights to be placed on top of the building to improve lighting right in front of the building.

Council extended the general engineering contract for another year, expiring in November, 2016. Mattern & Craig proposed designing a master plan for way finding signage throughout the town. The signage proposal was tabled until next month.

An "Ultra Run" event will be held on November 28th at Oxbow Lake and Sugar Hill Loop. The Council voted to support this event by providing tents, heaters, and portable restrooms for the runners.

Jennifer Bailey reported the plans for the opening of the new restaurant and brewery. Renovations of the building should begin in the next few weeks, and the opening is planned for Spring 2016. Ms. Bailey also asked that public parking remain open to the public. She said the downtown area is easily walkable and there are more than 200 parking spaces throughout the downtown area. Vearl Hileman and Kristy Lee addressed the Council about parking concerns. Kristy Lee is owner of the new business located in the Cornerstone building owned by Mr. Hileman. They requested a handicap parking spot be designated for the building. Ms. Lee said they are having issues with renters from the Bailey property, and Mr. Hileman requested that two or three of the parking spaces be designated for the new business.

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Original Publication Date: October 22, 2015

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