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No politicians will help South

The Democrat Reporter of Linden, Alabama

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Anything; to divert attention from the Gulf of Mexico is why President Hussein Obama called Stanley McCrystal to the White House to fire him as the commander of American military forces in Afghanistan.

The president can't help what happened in the oil spill but he could have taken notice two months earlier and called in foreign experts to cap this broken well.

But, folks, this is in the South which he has been taught to hate all his life. The northern media, financial institutions, industrialists, and transportation companies still teach that the people in the South are slow and ignorant. In fact, this has been taught, preached, printed, broadcast, and published since before the Civil War. In fact,4hatis why.the North invaded the South.

Since even the liberal media has begun to make the tribal guy look like a clown and the top general on the ground in the Middle East described the president as a c^p^n, the president's little feelings got hurt.

Meanwhile, the spilt oil is fouling the beaches, killing the wedands and the wildlife therein, and forcing millions out of work and even more millions from enjoying good seafood. We're in the South, so that's okay with the tribalguy

Then there is the crazy loon whom he nominated for the U. S. Supreme Court. She thinks the military is evil and needs to be disbanded. Her name is Lady Gaga or Kagan or something. Besides being a homosexual whatever, the woman has a lot of book sense but no common sense. She might even be a honky. King Hussein, as he wishes he were, is only half honky, so there is another conflict.

There is so much chaos in Washington, D. C, nobody knows what the tribal twirp is up to.

Well, he does spend a million of taxpayer dollars to take his wife and kids to Europe. He golfs a lot to keep his mind off the Gulf.

What he is not up to is doing anything for the black folks in the South like upgrading public schools at the expense of some black teachers. Nobody in Alabama has the guts to do that, either.

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Original Publication Date: July 8, 2010

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