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Carlisle Middle School Awards Student Wildcat of the Month to Six Students

The Carlisle Citizen of Carlisle, Iowa

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Carlisle Middle School is off and running with another school year and back by popular demand is our Student Wildcat of the Week and Wildcat of the Month program. This program was started last year in order to honor students each week who are doing some great things inside and outside of the classroom. Each week, grade level teachers meet and discuss some of the great things they see students doing. Then they choose two students to be awarded the Student Wildcat of the Week award. These students and their parents are notified on Friday, get their photo taken, and get their names read over the intercom. Their photos go up on our Wildcat of the Week board the following week. At the end of the month, grade level teachers choose from the Wildcat of the Week winners to choose two Student Wildcat of the Month award winners per grade.

Last week, Carlisle Middle School announced our first Wildcat of the Month winners of the year. These students represented our September Wildcats of the Month. In 8th grade, Caitlin Chesnut and Zoey Watson received this award. Caitlin was nominated by her teachers due to her strong leadership skills in the 8th grade. Her wellness teacher mentioned that she sees these skills on display as the 8th graders learn and get certified in CPR. These leadership qualities have helped Caitlin have a lot of early success in her classes as well. Zoey Watson was also nominated for her leadership skills. Her 8th grade teachers noted how helpful she is with other students as they work in the classroom. Zoey is also off to a great start with her grades in her final year of middle school. Great job girls!

In 7th grade, Carley Deery and Max Mitchell received the Wildcat of the Month awards. Carley's teachers noted that she is constantly showing the STAR principles we expect from our students. She puts 100% effort into her work each and every day and her positive attitude and smile brings a positive vibe to the classroom each day. Max was noted by his teachers as a "wonderful representation of how to be respectful and hard-working in middle school". Pretty high praise for Max, but well-deserved. He includes other students in the classroom and always remains positive no matter what the day brings. Good job Carley and Max!

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Original Publication Date: October 22, 2015

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