Ellendale Lodge #13 Presented check for EHS Close-Up trip to Washington D.C.

By The Dickey County Leader staff

The Dickey County Leader of Ellendale, North Dakota

The members of Ellendale Lodge No. 13, for the 27th consecutive year, sponsored a successful fundraiser for the Close Up students of Ellendale High School. On December 8, 2013 a delicious baked potato with beef stroganoff, chili and broccoli and cheese topping was served to about 212 people who came and gave their support for the students.

A profit of $3,026. will be divided among the students who sold tickets for the Baked Potato Feed

The students benefiting are as follows; Lindsey Boniek, Liz Labuhn, Monica Hofer, Kirsten Rail, Katie Fastnacht, Shania Merkel, Kyra Winter, Gus Kronberg, Dahltin Pahl and Emily Hauck. Jeff Fastnacht, Superintendent of the Ellendale Public School, will be accompanying the students on their trip to Washington D.C. this year.

The Masons have raised over $60,000.00 for the Close Up Students since they started serving baked potatoes and would like to thank the community for supporting our young people. Char's Food Pride also donated the potatoes again this year.

It is the Masons hope, that the students who go to Washington, D.C. to observe our government up close, will come home and use that experience, to become better citizens of our country and our community.

Pictured to the right Grant Crabtree (right), representing the Ellendale Lodge No. 13 presented the check to Jeff Fastnacht (left) during the Dakota Holiday Tournament last weekend.

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