Resident upset with recent city tax increase

By Silver State Post staff

Silver State Post of Deer Lodge, Montana

Attention property owners of Deer Lodge! As a lot of you who protested your property taxes this year will soon find out that it was in vain!

As, like the rest of you, I tried to protest my taxes but found out by way of the tax assessor, that it was not a tax increase at all but a levy from the City of Deer Lodge, which you can not protest! I have talked with a number of residents of Deer Lodge and found out that some residents' taxes have gone down, while others have gone up from a hundred dollars to over three hundred dollars a year.

Again this huge increase was a levy from the City of Deer Lodge that you cannot protest! I asked the city bookkeeper why such a huge increase and he said it was for road maintenance all over the city. I also asked him why just a portion of Deer Lodge residents was paying such a large increase and he didn't have an answer for that.

I suppose the people at City Hall haven't heard that this country is one step away from a depression? I don't begrudge the city wanting good roads, we all want good roads, but their timing for such a large increase on the City of Deer Lodge residents is bewildering. Haven't they heard that there has been many layoffs, wage cuts, and wage freezes for the next several years and no cost of living raises for seniors? It has been my experience that the more money you give city, state, and federal government the more they want. Maybe they need to start living within their the rest of us!

Dale Williams Deer Lodge

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