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Accused father stands trial for sons murder

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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Video footage shows police uncovering Ashing's body

Jurors wached intently as video footag: showed detectives uncovet ing the body/I Spencer As\ Jing from ur derneath a pile of tree branches and leaves March 26, 2010 The trial oi ?/Hudson, me man accused of murdering Ashing, began May 23, only hours after jury selection

got under way. Ashing, 19, 9, was Hudson's son.

A 30-minute video caseed the outside of Hudson's homne on Russell Street, off Route ] 16 in Milton. RndsftTsaidi was strewn with piles of deebris, lawn chairs and cinder bklocks. In a wooded area just paslst the property limits, a green l tarp could be seen under a wwaist-high pile of tree limbs s and brush.

Four members of Dela\aware State Police went to Huddson's home the day the boityy was found. Detective Fred Chambers testified he came upon the pile of brush, about 40 yards

from Hudson's home, while searching the property.

He said he used a tree branch to lift a portion of the green tarp at the bottom of the pile of branches. "I saw a decomposing human hand," Chambers said.

Hudson, 59, shifted in his chair as jurors watched police removing branches and leaves from the piece of green tarp. The video shows two officers lifting the tarp to reveal a stark white, naked, decaying body lying face-up on the ground. When police move the body, white leaves and sticks outline where it had rested.

In her opening statement, prosecutor Peggy Marshall told jurors Ashing was in the living room of Hudson's home in Collins and Russell manufactured home development when he suffered blunt force trauma to the head and four bullet wounds she said came from a .357-caliber revolver. Ashing was living with his father at the time of his death.

Marshall said Hudson dumped Ashing's naked body outside, doused it in lime and covered it with branches. She said police uncovered a patch of blood in Hudson's living room that matched Ashing's blood.

In the crime scene video, four bottles of Clorox bleach sat side by side in Hudson's home, with what looked like dried blood on their surfaces.

Detective Jonathan King was also at the scene when Ashing's body was found. King said when Hudson was arrested, he was wearing a black fanny pack around his waist. King said he handcuffed Hudson and searched the fanny pack, where he found a silver revolver. King said he did not know how many bullets were in the gun when it was found.

In opening remarks, Marshall said two bullets recovered from Ashing's body matched the revolver found in Hudson's fanny pack; no other bullets were recovered.

Detective Randy Ramirez, who was with Hudson when Ashing's body was found, said police discovered the body and arrested Hudson within 10 minutes of their arrival. Ramirez said Hudson was cooperative and consented to a police search of his house when they arrived.

Ashing's mother, Margaret Ashing, filed a missing person report Feb. 12, 2010, which said Ashing had been missing since Feb. 3, 2010.

Cpl. Lewis Briggs, with DSP Troop 7 in Lewes, testified he spoke with Hudson after Ashing went missing. Briggs said Hudson told him he had not seen Ashing since Feb. 3, 2010, and that Ashing would often disappear for days or weeks, but he had always returned in the past.

Defense attorneys held their opening statements for later in the trial, which continued May 24, in Superior Court in Georgetown with Judge Richard F. Stokes presiding.

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Original Publication Date: May 27, 2011

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