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Highland School Board finalizes auditor contract

The North Weld Herald of Eaton, Colorado

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Special to The North Weld Herald The monthly Highland School Board meeting convened at 7:04 p.m. Aug. 24. Board president Justus Pettit opened the meeting.

First agenda item was to welcome guests. Gary and Anne White gave a presentation from the Ault Museum Board. Also in attendance from the Museum board

were Lanny and Marilyn Clary. A. White showed the board how the school had been working with the museum to show the history of the school and buildings in Ault. She also showed parts from a display displayed at the Ault Fall Festival. The emphasis of the display was all of the previous and current historical buildings in and around town that educated students.

Anne informed the board that there were several teachers and classes from elementary to high school who were working on projects to help the museum. Others in attendance from the Educational Management Accountability (EMA ) Board reported agreeing with White on the enthusiasm the students are having knowing that they are contributing to something that will represent them for years to come.

Item 7a was discussed at length. This issue is about the possibility of Amendments 60 and 61 passing in November, as well as Proposition 101. Superintendent Robert Ring Jr. stated if all three of

these issues pass it will cut 47.2% of the school's budgeted income immediately. In the board's packets were a rundown synopsis provided by The Bell Policy Center on the meaning of each issue as well as what the possibly to the school would be. Discussion by board members was held asking for suggestions on what to do. In members' packets was a sample resolution with the suggestion to vote against these amendments and proposition. Member Dudley suggested, "This resolution is a legal-ease for voting against." It was decided to have Superintendent Ring draft a resolution.

Ring opened up item 7c with the former school year's pupil count. 159 students whose parents live in Highland RE-9 attend school elsewhere. Poudre RE-1 had the most with 65.' The oddity was Julesburg RE-1 who had one student. Superintendent Ring said Julesburg has an on-line program that the student was attending. He also announced the pupil count for students who live outside of Highland RE-9 and attend class here; there were 69. The largest amount of students came from Greeley District 6.

Superintendent Ring stated that this wasn't uncommon, but he suggested that it would be better if it were more even. Superintendent Ring shared with the Board on item 8a that three bids were received for the completion of the fiscal audit. The following is the bid summary for each company:

Watkins& Schommer, Inc. of Greeley $7,000.00; Poysti & Adams, LLC, Denver, $6,000.00; and Johnson, Holscher & Co. of Centennial, $8,450.00

The Superintendent shared that Watkins & Schommer, Inc. has provided the district auditing services for more than 20 years. Ring also commented that Poysti & Adams has school experience, but has never worked with small districts. Member Dudley stated, "Johnson, Holscher & Co. has worked with BOCES several years ago and that Terry Buswell may be able to answer questions on their auditing procedures." (Tran scripted from the July meeting). At this time the board has chosen to continue their relationship with Watkins & Schommer, Inc. It was unanimously approved to sign the contract for another two years.

Superintendent Ring stated per item 8b, that the school grounds and maintenance crews have been

cleaning up the campuses. Ring stated they have been identifying surplus items and have taken several loads of scrap metal in for recycling. Under the purview of cleaning and organizing the campuses Ring announced there were three vehicles that needed to be designated as surplus. The items are: 1987 GMC bus, 1989 Fort Taurus wagon, and a 1988 GMC Suburban.

Following minimal discussion the board unanimously approved labeling these vehicles as surplus.

Ring stated they are looking at different ways to expel the surplus, probably the bid will go through Anderson's Sales and Salvage.

An announcement was made at the end of the meeting that 25 preschool to kindergarten students did the summer work to earn themselves a backpack and all of the school supplies needed to start kindergarten. This amount was rather impressive, as it had been estimated at 10-15 students.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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Original Publication Date: September 2, 2010

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